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  • A range of pellet crumblers are designed & manufactured by Palmer Milling Engineers.
  • Designed to suit the customers requirements.
  • Capable of handling the pellet production rate.
  • Please contact us for futher information.
  • Fitted with a pair of contra rotating horizontal rolls.
  • Each roll is constructed from hardened steel.
  • Rolls revolve at different speeds.
  • Crumbler frame manufactured from heavy gauge mild steel plate.
  • Rolls mounted in heavy duty anti-friction bearings. The "slow" roll and its bearing assemblies are spring loaded to ensure that overloads and foreign objects do not damage the rolls.
  • Roll nip clearance is adjusted by two locking handwheels at the front of the machine.
  • Full width inlet and outlet provide for even load on machine and even wear on the rolls.
  • A full length flap above the rolls allows pellets to be able to by-pass rolls when not crumbling.

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