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The PALMER mass flow dryer is a counter current dryer, similar in operation and construction to the mass flow cooler. Product is loaded through the top of the machine with ducted heated air drawn through the base. The heated air flows through the product moving from dryest to moist product, then out through the air exhaust system.
A rotary feeder at the product inlet prevents air being drawn through the top of the machine The dryer discharge operates automatically, delivering product to a collection hopper. Operation of the discharge is controlled by a timer (supplied by customer in their electrical panel) and a high level switch. The depth of product is kept at a constant level providing consistent results of the drying process.

    The discharge can be supplied in two styles:-
  1. Rotary discharge - for pellet type products.
    • gearmotor drive
    • pneumatic drive
    • hydraulic drive
  2. Flap discharge - for large, sticky or light products.
    • pneumatic drive
    • hydraulic drive
    The following items are standard:-
  1. Rotary feeder mounted on top of dryer.
  2. Stainless steel hood with exhaust air outlet.
  3. Side walls, of stainless steel construction with a laminated glass viewing door.
  4. A flap discharging mechanism driven by pneumatics.
  5. A collection hopper mounted directly under the base.
  6. A rotary bin level controller, with adjustable level - to suit depth of pellet bed required.
  7. Heated air ducting into dryer, mild steel.


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