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Bucket elevator

Standard bucket elevators consist of belt and bucket type with head and tail pulleys. Elevator leg casing is rectangular in section and is fully sealed and flanged. Belt is 'Solid woven PVC' designed to suit the application. Head shaft is heavy duty and all shafts are mounted in ball bearings, pulleys are fixed to shaft with taperlock bushes allowing ease of removal. Elevator boot is dust tight, complete with jacking screws for belt tensioning, and bottom clean out doors. Legs incorporate access panels for belt and bucket access. Head section in constructed in easily removable sections allowing full access to the head pulley.

    Bucket elevators can be supplied with the following variations:
  1. Manufactured from mild, stainless or galvanised steel.
  2. Buckets can be steel, UHMW polyethylene or urethane.
  3. Legs can be single or double depending upon product being handled & capacity of elevator.
  4. Head pulley can be lagged to prevent slippage.
  5. Tail pulley can be of spoked wheel construction.
  6. Inlets can be mounted on the up, down or both legs depending upon product being handled.


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