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Standard drag conveyors consist of square shaped trough with paddles mounted on conveyor chain. Delta drag conveyors consist of semi-circular or hexagonal shaped trough with paddles mounted on conveyor chain. Trough is fitted with a bolt on lid. All paddles are full width manufactured from UHMW polyethylene, bolted to cleats welded to chain. Paddles are profiled to make the conveyor self cleaning. Conveyor inlet is designed to prevent the product passing through the return (top) chain. Any number of inlets can be provided, sized to suit any feeding spout or hopper. Chains, sprockets, drive shafts, tail shafts and bearings are heavy duty and designed to suit the application. The tail section has jacking screws for conveyor chain tensioning.

    Drag conveyors can be supplied with the following variations:
  1. Manufactured from mild, stainless or galvanised steel.
  2. Conveyor chain can be manufactured from mild, stainless or galvanised steel.
  3. Trough can be of square, semi-circular or hexagonal profile.
  4. Trough can be lined with a removable UHMW polyethylene wear liner.
  5. Return chain can run on steel runners, UHMW polyethylene runners or idler sprockets.
  6. Any number of inlet or outlets.
  7. Inlets designed so that product does not pass through return chain.
  8. Outlets can be fitted with close fitting or standard slide gates.


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