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Screw conveyors

Standard screw conveyors consist of U shaped trough with single helical screw flighting. Trough is fitted with a bolt on lid. All flighting is heavy gauge steel with constant pitch, constant diameter, mounted on heavy wall steel shaft. Shaft is supported between anti-friction bearings, mounted in flanged housings, on drive and tail gudgeons. Intermediate hanger bearings, consisting of a UHMW polyethylene bush, are supplied where necessary. Standard drive consists of a TEFC gearmotor with sprocket and chain transmission with a chain guard.

    Screw conveyors can be supplied with the following variations:
  1. Manufactured from mild, stainless or galvanised steel.
  2. Any number of inlet or outlets.
  3. Shaft mounted gear-motor drive.
    Bin discharger
  1. Variable pitch constant diameter flighting under bin outlet.
  2. Flared out trough at inlet to suit bin outlet flange.
  3. No hanger bearing under bin outlet.
  4. Precautions to prevent product flushing from bin outlet through the flighting to the discharge outlet.
  1. Fully enclosed casing.
  2. No hanger bearings.
  3. Inlet to suit application.
    Force feeders / feedscrews
  1. Manufactured to suit application.
  2. Variable speed drive to provide control of conveyor feed rate.



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