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22 x 48 Sieve PALMER brush sieves are highly efficient in dressing and cleaning of ground product. The sifter will breakdown lumps to give a smooth consistent product. It will separate foreign material such as string, tags and some metals from the product.
The brush sieve consists of a feed hopper and sifting section. A common shaft is driven by a motor mounted at the rear of the machine. A screw feeder conveys the product from the inlet hopper to the sifter. It is then sifted through a perforated screen. The product is conveyed along the screen by brushes or by beaters which are connected to a spider mounted on the common shaft. Foreign material exits from the front of the machine.
The PALMER brush sieve is a totally enclosed machine to give a dust free environment.

  • The following items are supplied standard:-
  • Fully guarded drive.
  • Vee belt driven.
  • Fabricated in mild steel (can be stainless steel if requested).
  • Inspection openings.
15 x 23

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